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Boiler Installation & Maintenance in London

Dynamic Plumbing and Heating are boiler specialists.

We give you professional facts and you decide.

We know how to save you money on your gas bills.

We run a very fast boiler change service.

We offer a 7 year guarantee on 2 makes of boiler, Worcester Bosch and Ideal boilers.

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Tips for anyone buying a boiler

People are watching what they spend and are going for value for money products. Information is key to making that informed decision about any purchase.

boilers in london

Important factors to take into consideration when buying a new boiler

The guarantee:

The length of the boilers guarantee?

How quickly the repairs under guarantee are done?

The reputation of the manufacturer who is offering the boilers guarantee?

Do they subcontract their after sales service teams?

What is the reputation of this subcontractor?

Boiler Size:

Get the correct size boiler for your property. System boilers are different from combination boilers, the outputs need to be greater on combination boilers. The speed of how fast the house heats up relies solely on the size and outputs from the boiler. A system boiler of 24kw is more than enough to do a 3 bed house, but a 24kw combination boiler may not be. Beware of this when looking at cheaper quotes!


Most boiler faults are due to the way the boiler has been installed e.g.:

No power flushing or no inhibitor (system protector) added to the central heating system can cause blockages.

if gas rates are not checked this can lead to carbon monoxide

Failure to insulate the condense pipe on a condensing boiler can freeze the pipe and stop the boiler working.

Common faults with Boilers:

Most common faults on System or regular boilers are found in the fans, pumps, PCB’s (power circuit board) and in the case of combination boilers the diverter valves and diverter motors.

When a protective inhibitor is always present in a system, the system works well and will have longevity, but if no inhibitor is introduced the system will foul up at a rabid rate and the cost implications are large.

In the case of combination boilers it’s all too often we find the DHW (the hot water heat exchange) fouled up by debris in the system and can be a costly fault to rectify. Magnetic filters e.g. Magna Clean can protect your boiler from debris in the system.

Power Flushing:

Here are some facts about power flushing a system correctly before installing a boiler:

The power flush machine should do each radiator in both directions for 20min each way i.e. 40min per radiator.

The pipe work should be treated in the same as a radiator.

The central heating system should be rinsed for at least one hour e.g. a system with 10 radiators should take around 8 hours. A good cleaning agent should be used in the power flush like fernox or sentinel.