"So efficient, the plumber fixed the problem within the hour. So greatful to have my shower back, would highly recommend to anyone"
- Heather, SW16
"First rate job. Three men turned up early for three days and worked until done. Also provided good after service."
- Andrew Skinner, SE22
"Very highly recommended as they did a first class job at a good price. I could not have wished for a better service."
- John Tracey, SE16
"Great service, turned up on time and had Job done in a day. The lads cleaned up after themselves even washing the bathroom floor."
- Roger Burton, SE13
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heating Services in London

We install maintain and repair both central heating systems and under floor heating systems. Central Heating.

Dynamic offer heat loss calculations on all our installations.

Dynamic are well versed at installing any type of radiator

Dynamic specialise in balancing central heating systems

Dynamic can move radiators add radiators or simply remove radiators.

Dynamic offer a full power flushing service to get your central heating system working like new again.

Dynamic offer checks and advice on saving money on heating.

v Dynamic install thermostatic radiator valves.

Dynamic replace heating pumps, controls, programmers and thermostats.

Underfloor heating Services in London

  • Under floor heating is clean on the inside and tidy on the outside.
  • It saves a 1/3rd off your energy bill
  • It will warm a home beautifully.
  • We fit John Guest under floor heating systems, and are experts at it.

The installation method for an Under Floor Heating system is determined by the type of floor.

Timber floors require a different installation method from solid screed floors in order to attain even heating. To ensure even heat transmission from the pipes, heat spreader plates are used in timber and floating floors. Contact our office to discuss your particular requirements, as there are many variations of timber and floating floors.

Grooved aluminium plates are fastened from above to traditional joists or from below if the floor has an engineered I Beam Joist system. These plates will hold the Speedfit Pipe. If possible, raising the floor allows for counter-battening, which makes the process easier. Insulation goes under the plates. To maximise heat output, floor decking must contact the aluminium plates.

The Underfit system is appropriate for new build and renovation projects on joisted and battened floors. This system uses a grooved, foil-faced insulation panel to install 155 mm Speedfit pipe between the battens (if installing over the existing floor) or between joists (if installing under the floor).

In solid floors, the screed (cement) transmits heat from the pipes to the floor. The screed needs time to dry before installing floor coverings so the timbers don’t suffer moisture damage. Contact our office to discuss the specifics of your floor.

Like the Underfit system, the The John Guest Overfit system is suitable for new build and restoration projects. It consists of a durable, light weight insulated panel that is designed to go over floor coverigns such as carpet, laminate or engineered wood. Because it is easy to manage and to cut, the Overfit system can also be used in larger areas or in multiple rooms. This system utilises 15 mm pipe and 150 mm centres.