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Water Filtration, Allergies And Tap Water Filters in London

If you have concerns about allergies that are made worse by tap water, the best type of water filter for you is probably a Reverse Osmosis water filter.

These remove many of the harmful contaminants that are thought to contribute to allergy problems, leaving you with the pure water that our bodies were designed to thrive on.

The Reverse Osmosis unit goes under the sink and a special tap delivers purified water for your drinking and cooking. Another type of filter that could be useful for you is the whole of house water filter. These water filters, new on the market, are used by eczema sufferers.

They are proving very successful in helping adults and children with skin conditions. The filter removes harmful contaminants from your shower or bath water, as well as your laundry.

The whole house water filter is also gaining popularity with people who have asthma like symptons.

It is thought that chemicals in tap water are absorbed into the skin and also inhaled from shower steam. The EPA - the US Government's environmental agency has said, "... a shower cubicle can be considered an exposure chamber. Exposure to volatile contaminants absorbed via the lung would be about double the same amount from drinking water."

This is what a whole of house filter removes:

Problem Removes
Herbicides 95%
Pesticides 95%
THMs ECBs TMEs 95%
Chlorine 80%
Benzene 95%
Solvents incl PCBs, PAHs 95%

Please note: Allergies and tap water is a big subject and you should always be careful to take advice from a properly qualified person who you trust before buying anything.

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