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Water Softeners in London

“Hard” water contains more than the ordinary amount of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. It is harder to clean dishes, laundry and yourself in hard water because soap doesn’t really dissolve in it. Hard water also leaves mineral residue in your tub or shower, in the sink and the dishwasher. It can even clog pipes, reduce the efficiency of your water heater and decrease the lifespan of laundry machines.

In addition to reducing the lifespan of your appliances, hard water is also terrible for your skin and hair. Those who already suffer from skin conditions find hard water especially unpleasant, but even healthy hair and skin can suffer from prolonged exposure to the excess calcium and magnesium in hard water.

Water softeners are ion exchangers that remove the calcium, magnesium and sometimes iron ions that make your water “hard.” We offer stress-free installation of Tapworks water softeners and filters. If you are tired of dealing with hard water, call us today for a quote on water softener installation.

Tapworks water softening and filtration systems are suitable for households of any size and can be as much as 32% cheaper to operate than competing systems. From systems small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard to softeners capable of processing 3,000 + litres/day, Tapworks produces a full range of water softening systems to suit every home.

With these water softeners, you don’t need to worry about a reduction in flow rate. High flow rates are standard for all unvented systems.

Proprietary Genius Chip ® technology ensures the dependability and longevity of your new water softening system. Our comprehensive 5-year guarantee provides additional peace of mind for your water softener installation.

Tapworks softening systems help to reduce carbon emissions, giving you the satisfaction of helping the planet just by improving your water quality.

Modern “fit and forget” connections make installation and maintenance hassle-free. Not sure if you’ll live in the same house forever? No problem. Just give us a call to help you disconnect your Tapworks softener and set it up in your new home.